School governors are people who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. Governors are one of the largest volunteer forces in the country and have an important part to play in raising school standards. The role of the governing board is absolutely key to the effectiveness of a school.

Mrs C. McEntyre
Chair of Governors

Mr D Walsh
Parent Governor Vice Chair

Mrs A. Evers
Foundation Governor

Mrs M. Boles
Foundation Governor

Mrs E Ckickerema
Foundation Governor

Mr N Berry
Parent Governor

Dr C. Babbs
Co-Opted Governor

Mrs S. Prince
Staff Governor

Chair of Governors Mrs. C. McEntyre – Foundation Governor

Safeguarding & Anti bullying (Inclusion Team)

Vice Chair


Foundation Governor Vacancy
Foundation Governor Vacancy


Foundation Governor Mrs. M. Boles

English (English Team)

Foundation Governor Mrs. A. Evers

SEN (Inclusion Team)

Worship & Religion (Citizenship Team)

Foundation Governor Vacancy
Parent Governor Mr. N. Berry

Humanities Team

Parent Governor Mr. D. Walsh

H&S. School Website and Humanities Team

Staff Governor Mrs. S. Prince
Headteacher  Mrs. J. Myerscough
Clerk  Just a Sec – Governor Services – L. Brelsford
Clerk to committees
L. Brelsford
Observer Mrs. H. Daly

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Instrument of governing body approved by Salford Diocese and Bury LA.

All governors work on a voluntary basis with no expenses.