We are working towards regaining the Leading Parent Partnership award and value the support and contributions our parent’s provide in making our SJSB family as successful as we are.  If you have any questions or concerns please discuss these with a member of our Parent Parentnership team- Mrs. Aspinall, Mrs. Prince and Mrs. MCDonald.

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Parent View

Parent View gives you the chance to tell Ofsted what you think about your child’s school, from the quality of teaching, to dealing with bullying and poor behaviour.

We will use the information you provide when making decisions about which schools to inspect, and when.

By sharing your views, you’ll be helping your child’s school to improve.


St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School adopts TAP’s free thanking platform!

“Our school motto is ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ and an important part of living this message is that staff in our school feel valued and appreciated by the wider community that we serve. We are grateful that TAP provides us with an opportunity to spread positivity and share well-deserved praise to achieve a culture of kindness.” Heather Daly, Deputy Headteacher, St Joseph and St Bede RC Primary School

If you’d like to show your appreciation to our school staff, please visit: www.thankandpraise.com/thankingwall/st-joseph-and-st-bede-school