Dear Parents / Carers

I am writing to give you information about the weather conditions and provide you with information and advice during this period of snow.

Stage 1

  • The Local Authority has informed school that the main roads will be maintained and gritted during a period of snow.
  • The main roads will be gritted on bus routes. The bus route to our school goes as far as Chester Street. It is for this reason we recommend that you avoid driving up to Danesmoor Drive as there is no turning point and this can cause congestion.
  • Please use the main gate to come on to the school site from Danesmoor Drive.
  • Pathways to the entrances are gritted and cleared by Mr. Forrester, our caretaker, each day.
  • Please note the children are allowed to go out on to the playground if there is snow unless it turns to ice and becomes compacted.

Stage 2

When considering school closure it is important to assess the impact of such a decision on pupils, parents and staff recognising the need to consider their health, safety and welfare.

  • Information about the weather conditions are taken from the Met Officewebsite for our area and information provided by Bury Council LA
  • If the weather conditions are extreme and colleagues are unable to travel to the school due to the main roads not being cleared the school will run with the minimum staffing of the following: Nursery – Teacher and Level 3 Teacher Assistant / Reception to Year Six– A teacher or Level 3 Teacher Assistant

If we are unable to provide adequate cover then parents/carers will be contacted by the following methods:

Communication to Parents/Carers

  • Parent Hub
  •  school website
  • Bury Council Website – information about school closures

Parking – Danesmoor Drive and the top of Chesham Road – PLEASE do not attempt to come on to Danesmoor Drive as there will be no safe turning point. We suggest you park further down Chesham Road or on the side streets and walk up to school. 

Work at home for children:

Work will be set and completed via Seesaw in the event of a school closure due to snow

The Schools’ Standards and Framework Act 1998, provides that the conduct of the school shall be under the direction of the Governing Body, and that the Head Teacher is responsible for the management of the school. The LEA will seek to support and advise the Head Teacher and Governing Body, in order that informed decisions can be made. Such procedures may provide for a decision to close the school to be taken by the Head Teacher, following consultation with the Chair or Deputy Chair of Governors.