All pupils are assigned to one of the four Houses on entry to the School, Siblings will be in the same house as their brothers and sisters. The Houses are named after The Saints our school is named after and two other saints who the children researched and voted for; St. Joseph (Green), St. Bede (Yellow), St. Catherine (Blue) and St. Elizabeth (Red).

House Team Activities

Pupils are awarded House Points and each week in their Key Stage Assembly the winning House is announced. The houses total their points up and the winners each Half Term are awarded a prize.

Pupils wear their house PE kit and can be awarded house points for PE sessions.

House activities pupils can look forward to:

  • House Music Competition
  • Charity Afternoons
  • Fun Run
  • Interhouse Hockey, Netball, Tennis, Gymnastics and Rounders
  • Sports Day
  • House Science Quiz
  • House Cross Country
  • House Spelling Competition