At St. Joseph & St. Bede we are  committed to create a positive climate within the school based on a sense of community and shared values. Discipline is based upon good relationships and mutual respect. Good behaviour means that children are ready to learn.

We want our learners to be ready to learn, to be respectful of each other and to feel safe. Our Readiness to learn overview  echoes our core values with a heavy emphasis on respectful behaviour.

This supports our Mission Statement:

We have discussed with our children what these words mean, how they can use these words to help them in school and what their behaviour may look like when they are ready, respectful and safe. This is what they think:

· We are READY to learn – we arrive at school on time, we have our equipment ready and we show that we are listening

· We are RESPECTFUL – we listen when others speak and we respect the property of our friends and the school.

· We are SAFE – we move around school in a safe manner, we follow instructions to keep ourselves safe on school trips, we use equipment safely and we stay safe online.

We also hold weekly hot chocolate sessions throughout the year to celebrate outstanding behaviour.