Through your self-evaluation, the wide range of evidence and discussions, it is clear that there are numerous SMSC related strengths at St Joseph’s and St Bede’s; the following are a few key examples:

  • Strengths of the school’s SMSC development: SMSC is embedded in the life, culture and learning of the school. It features in all aspects of the pupils’ personal and academic development. It is evident in the way staff, governors and pupils talk about school, treat each other and their confidence to explore ideas that this is held in high regard.
  • The floor books are an amazing store of evidence and are a joyous representation of the fantastic learning carried out.
  • The way the SMSC values are displayed and activities, learning and visits that enhance, especially through the beautiful artwork and displays around school.
    The very cohesive and collaborative nature in which your staff work; classrooms all had common themes and the CPD carried out was evident in the consistency of practice.
  • Areas for development:
  • Development of the understanding of democracy and ensuring that children are fully aware of the power of the democratic system.
  • Further develop the awareness in the parent community of the depth of work your school carries out in terms of SMSC and the wider curriculum.
  • Develop awareness of the global Sustainable Development Goals to further enhance the capacity and agency of your children to change their world.

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