Our pupil lead chaplaincy team is led by Mrs. Prince. It is made of UKS2 children who have applied and have then been shortlisted and then interviewed by the current GIFT team and SLT in school.

” We are missionary disciples sent to spread the Word of God…

Our Stewards of Creation are led by our Farm Manager, Miss Murphy in The Forrest and Farm areas.

Applications are open to KS2 pupils, who are then trained to complete stewardship roles on our farm & forrest areas. Most of these jobs are completed during break- & lunch-times.

Our Stewards are helping ensure that Laudato Si’ is put in action…

Our Caritas Ambassadors are activists for social change, and are ambassadors of the Catholic Social Teaching agenda at St. Joseph & St. Bede.

The first Caritas Ambassadors were trained and commissioned at Salford Cathedral in 2017. We have since added to this group each year ensuring we have a range of year groups who are voted for by their peers.

Meet the Team

At the start of every Year the children in Years 2-6 choose two school council members for their class.  This years School Councillors are: