Our Mission – Why are we here?

Our Values – What is at our core?

Jesus Christ is at th.e centre of our school and all th.at we do. Therefore, our Gospel Values are the very foundations upon which we build our wider curriculum.

Our Saints – Who are we?

Our Code of Conduct – What do we expect?

Our Children – What do they deserve?

Dedicated teachers and support staff, who deliver art ambitious curriculum, rooted in Christ Jesus.
Reliable, caring and responsible adults who promote our core values of being loving, compassionate and hopeful.
Engaging, inspiring and creative lessons, that promote a love of learning and a sense of awe and wonder.
An inclusive school community, that celebrates diversity, embraces each child’s individual gift and nurtures their unique talents.
Moral, social, cultural and spiritual growth through engagement in local, national and international issues and opportunities to live the Word with their Head, Hands and Hearts.

Our Mission Team – What do we embody?

Belief that all pupils deserve the very best and a dedication to each pupil, enabling them to achieve their personal potential
Endeavour for excellence in all we do
Lead by example, being involved in the wider life of the school and community
Inspirational teaching and learning
Evaluation and reflection on our practice so that we may adapt our teaching to meet the needs of our pupils so that all can achieve
Vibrant learning environments, that are dyslexic friendly, supportive of high-quality teaching and enhance learning
Effective communication with all those in our valued school community

Our Outcomes – What do we strive for?

A school that is rooted in. the love of Christ
Children who feel safe, secure and know that they are loved and valued
Hopeful and faith-filled learners, who strive to achieve a better world
lnsightful young people, who ask Big Questions and show curiosity and wonder
Engaged learners, who aspire to make progress in. their learning and try their best in all they do
Various wider opportunities, through experiences, clubs, visitors and whole school events
Empathetic young people, who dream of greatness in their learning and understand that they are guardians of life and creation